Sermons From the Beavercreek SDA Church Pulpit

7 thoughts on “Sermons From the Beavercreek SDA Church Pulpit

  1. Internet Medicine Man says:

    Love that you guys post your sermons online. It allows me to hear Pastor Gordon since he left Oklahoma. Although I wish you guys would output this as a podcast. Would be even easier for me to download and play on my phone. You never know you can reach many more people that way as well.

    • Internet Medicine Man says:

      Nevermind, since you are running WordPress it wasn’t too hard to figure out the RSS feed that contained just the sermon posts, and drop it into my podcast app. I didn’t see where you were advertising it, but you should consider doing so, maybe even on iTunes, many could benefit.

  2. Travis Bilbee says:

    When will you post last week and this week? We missed last week and were not able to catch this week very well. Thanks

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