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“Celebrating His Life” Christmas Concert

“Celebrating His Life” Christmas Concert

Join us on Saturday, December 18, 2021 at 6 PM for Gospel Artist Stephen Akin to perform at Beavercreek for “Celebrating His Life” Christmas Concert on December 18, 2021.  Take this opportunity to invite a neighbor or friend to church for this end-of-year outreach event.

About Stephen Akin

Stephen Akin Adetumbi is an singer, songwriter, and designer residing in Atlanta, GA. Born to a Nigerian father and Grenadian mother, Stephen began singing at an early age at home with his family. Upon reaching high school Stephen began signing publicly and writing music. By the time of his graduation he had participated in singing and performing with 7 different groups, including quartets, traveling ensembles, and church choirs all while taking violin and voice lessons.

He continued his classical vocal training and performance in college while joining a number of groups including the official traveling vocal ensembles at both universities he attended.Stephen has since shared his vocal gifts with audiences around the globe and with thousands of listeners through social media channels. He has also made appearances on several internationally broadcasted Christian television networks. Stephen’s desire is to be at the forefront of a movement to heal the world through music and art by inspiring all who hear him with a vision of God’s love and the power of a life lived with purpose.
Stephen Akin’s YouTube Channel
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