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Sermon Recordings

Choose below to watch, or you can also visit our YouTube Channel or Facebook page to watch each weeks previous live stream. God bless!

There's a beautiful connection to an Old Testament story that comes up in the sermon today. Join us for Part 2 of the series, Sharing is Service, titled, "A Mitey Miracle."…
As we start this series, let us remain prayerful as will dig deeper into multiple scenes in the ministry of Jesus, see the meaning behind some miracles, understand the prophetic…
“Predestined to Be a Miracle” – This is the title for Part 6 of our current sermon series, “Pauline Reflections.” Our God is amazing at solving our deepest challenges. I…
"Pauline Reflections" with Part 5 titled, "Transformed by Renewal." What does it mean to be transformed? In a day and age when many are trying to transition, this is an…
We have Pastor Ashton McFall, who pastors the Village SDA Church in Mason as well as the church in Hamlet. He will bring Part 4 of our current series, Pauline…
Pauline Reflections – We start a short series under the title you just read in which we will reflect on a few of those powerful, practical, and poignant statements by…
Today is also Adventurer Induction Sabbath!
Today's special musical guest is the Spring Valley Academy Choir.

This week's service is in two separate videos due to the video feed cutting out during part of the service.

Members of the local Beavercreek community join us today as part of our special Community Guest Day during the service.

The first part of our live stream is above. The live stream was interrupted halfway through the sermon and you can find part 2 HERE on YouTube.

We apologize for the sound quality in this video. We were having issues with the soundboard this day.

Sermon begins at: 56:48.
Sermon begins at 53:13.
Sermon begins at: 51:40.
Sermon starts at: 55:18.
Worship service from 11/16/2019. Dr. Calvin Taylor presents "Holy Scripture - Alive with Sounds of Music" Music starts at: 38:00. Scripture reading: 2 Chronicles 5:11-14
Guest speaker Dr. Ross Collins with the sermon title "Faith Period!". The sermon starts at 1:00:20. Scripture Reading: John 6:14-17
The Wordless Prayer by Pastor Delthony Gordon (sermon starts at 47:35). Scripture reading: Romans 8:26 & 27

Wi-Fi Interference

Pathfinder and Adventurer Sabbath 09/21/2019 Scripture Reading: Psalms 5:1-3 The sermon starts at 1:12:00.
Scripture Reading: Revelation 21:1-4 Sermon Starts at 1:16:00.

In this new series, we will study resurrections throughout Scripture and (re)discover lessons pointing to Christ and the promises He gave about life in the here and now and the…
The sermon notes for this sermon are below so you can download and print them out to follow along. This week's bulletin is also below for your convenience.
How does the promise of Genesis 3:15 begin to play out? How do we see Jesus in this story? Are there any lessons for today? Dig deep into Genesis chapter…
Why didn't God destroy the devil right when the war in Heaven ended? The pain and mayhem in our world could have been spared if God had done that, right?…
Pathfinder & Adventurer Induction service for the 2018/2019 year. Guest speaker, Ohio Conference Youth Director Pastor Edward Marton brings us today's message.
Every Christian wonders at times why they have trials in this life. This series starts us on a journey to understand trials, where they come from, why the are allowed,…
Continuing with a series on the our great need for the Holy Spirit.
Second part in a series outlining God's mission and strategy for Beavercreek Seventh-day Adventist Church
What is our greatest need? The book of Acts and Isaiah give us the answer!


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