Sermons From the Beavercreek SDA Church Pulpit

Obey Your Thirst


Dropping the Weight


For this Purpose


When Satan ups his time of pain, you up your time of worship...
Every Christian wonders at times why they have trials in this life. This series starts us on a journey to understand trials, where they come from, why the are allowed,…
Continuing with a series on the our great need for the Holy Spirit.
Second part in a series outlining God's mission and strategy for Beavercreek Seventh-day Adventist Church
A strategy for reaching the world for Christ.
What is our greatest need? The book of Acts and Isaiah give us the answer!

6 thoughts on “Sermons From the Beavercreek SDA Church Pulpit

  1. Internet Medicine Man says:

    Love that you guys post your sermons online. It allows me to hear Pastor Gordon since he left Oklahoma. Although I wish you guys would output this as a podcast. Would be even easier for me to download and play on my phone. You never know you can reach many more people that way as well.

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