2024 Family Life Summit

2024 Family Life Summit

Strengthening Bonds & Building Faith

Meet our Guests/Speakers

Pastor Royce and Laurie Snyman

Pastor Royce Snyman served as a pastor, then Personal Ministries Director, and later as Ministerial Department Director for the Michigan Conference until his retirement in 2021. He’s a 1977 graduate of Pacific Union College and from Andrews Seminary with an M.Div. in 1980. Laurie graduated from PUC in 1977 and Wayne State University in 1986 with a Master of Social Work degree. She has spent 36 years as a counselor and is a licensed social worker who owned her own practice, Awakenings Family Therapy in Lansing, Michigan for 25 years. The Snymans met at PUC, and as of this June have celebrated 47 years of marriage. They have one daughter, Kristen Snyman Harvey, living with her husband in Hixson, Tennessee. They also have a son by ‘adoption’, Carlot Dorve, and he is married to Kiara. Royce and Laurie enjoy people, traveling from time to time, and birding. 

Charles Haugabrooks

Charles Haugabrooks was the featured singer on the “It Is Written” telecast for over a decade.  His distinctive tenor voice interprets gospel songs with unusual intensity and passion. Watch Charles sing only one song and you’ll know he enjoys singing! “In some miraculous way, music got into me,” he explains. Singing became a way of life and he enjoys serving God through this ministry of music.

Dr. Anthony and Deloris Gordon

Dr. Anthony L. Gordon, Counseling Psychologist, practicing Family Relational Health Therapist, has been serving Jamaica and several countries in the global community in several capacities since he began professional work in 1971. He has authored 9 books on education, psychology and family relational health. He has been married to Deloris Gordon for 48 years come August 2024. Deloris, with a M.Sc. in  Counselling Psychology, served as a Special Educator, School Guidance Counsellor and Vice Principal. Together they have established Family Relational Health Services International, a family health education, assessment and therapy program and have conducted seminars and workshops across the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the US and Canada.  Anthony and Deloris have two adult children and three grandchildren. The Gordons, motto is: “People Need People.”