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Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2021

Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2021

The Investigation Station “The Genesis Factor” is a place where kids investigate God’s Word.

July 12-16, 2021
6 to 8 pm

Graduation July 17, 11 am

Special Weekend Guests Ryan and Suzi Hayes
from 3ABN Kids Camp Creation Crafts

Each day at Vacation Bible School (VBS) the kids will investigate a different Bible truth through Bible stories, scientific facts, and more. Throughout each day’s program they will gather evidence in their journals after going through 5 investigation stations, and at the closing program they will discuss their conclusions. All aspects of this VBS program point kids to God as the Creator with a plan for their lives. Register below!

5 Daily Investigation Stations:

  1. Opening/Closing: Each day begins and ends in a general session with songs and memory verse. This is also where the children meet Sam and Alex, the lead and assistant investigators, and discover each day’s question. At the closing program the clues are all brought together and the kids learn the answer to the day’s question.
  2. Action Sector: The children play games that point them back to the evidence answering the question of the day.
  3. The Big 3: is where creation expert Rich Aguilera finds scientific clues that prove the Bible is true.
  4. Make it Yours: Kids each evening create an age appropriate craft themed to the days investigation.
  5. Break Room: Each day the kids will enjoy a snack at the Break Room station.
  6. Area 66: Two helpers, Hannah and Rashid, at a museum work together to uncover the truths that answer the question posed each day.

VBS is open to all Creek community children ages 4 to 13. Parents must register their child below. Kids are grouped with other kids in their similar age range, and move around throughout the evening to stations with different learning activities. Limited space available, register early! Registration ends June 24.

VBS Child Registration Form

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