Wednesday Night Bible Study

Our topic for the Mid-Week meeting is the Book of Revelation through the lens of the Sanctuary.  The resource materials for our study are six videos that have been created and generously shared by Pastor Edward Nelson of the Whipple Creek Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Each week we will view 30 minutes of the material followed by discussion, fellowship, and prayer. ┬áPlease joins as we open God’s Word.

Understanding Revelation Through the Sanctuary

Video 1 – The Seven Churches

Handout – The Seven Churches

Video 2 – The Seven Seals

Handout – The Seven Seals

Video 3 – The Seven Trumpets

Handout – The Seven Trumpets

Video 4 – The Dragon and the Woman

Handout – The Dragon and the Woman

Video 5 – Jesus, The 144,000 And The Final Message

Video 6 – Jesus, Judgment And The Final Reward for God’s People