Young Adult Weekend – Sunday “Bike, Run, Walk”

Join us at the Young Adult Weekend “Bike, Run, Walk”! It will take place on May 16, Sunday at Rotary Park. After everyone returns from biking, running, or walking, we will then eat pancake brunch together at 10:15 a.m. in the park shelter reserved. Pray for good weather!

Running & Walking Info

If weather is good, the wetland trail is a gorgeous view through nature. The wetlands trail is marked. If weather is bad, there is a path on a hard surface to avoid getting muddy.

Biking Info

All bikers need to be able to keep a 11 mile per hour pace, and we will go from Rotary Park to Grange Hall Road and back.

Here’s the route – We will bike together from Rotary Park through Angels Pass Park to Creek Side Trail, then on pass Beavercreek Station to Grange Hall Road turnaround.  We will break for 5 minutes then head back.  The entire route is paved and the half way point is 4.5 miles (making a total of 9 miles).


This event has passed.
Thank you everyone who joined us,
it was a beautiful day with community in God’s nature.

Location & Directions

Address of park: 2260 Dayton-Xenia

From U.S. 35:

  • Turn north on Factory Road (east of North Fairfield Road)
  • Then turn right on Dayton-Xenia Road
  • Go about 2 blocks past Beaver Valley Road
  • The park will be on your left


  • Turn north on Orchard Lane
  • Then left on Dayton-Xenia Road
  • The park will be on the right

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